Private 1:1 Coaching 


Are you ready to stop trying to "fix" your Pathologically Demand Avoidant (PDA) child and finally feel peace as a parent?

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 Private 1:1 Coaching

What would it feel like to stop hating your life as a parent?

To lay your head on the pillow each night, *knowing* you are on the right path for your child? 

How would it feel to soften the tightness in your chest when you think about getting out of bed the next day to parent?

Not only is it possible, it is meant for YOU. 

Together, we will get to the root of what is preventing your PDA child from thriving and the thought patterns that are keeping you stuck.

My coaching methodology combines:

  • A scientific approach to understanding your unique child's brain.
  • An experimental method that has worked for 100s of parents to figure out exactly what works for their child and family.
  • A spirit of mindfulness, radical acceptance and non-judgment, to move you towards peace in your identity as a parent.

 What is included in private 1:1 coaching?

✓ Personalized intake process to understand you, your child and your family

✓Four 1:1 calls per month with one or both parents

✓ Text and voice message support (Monday-Friday) 

✓ Six pre-recorded masterclasses ($150 value)

✓ Communication and Connection Course ($95 value)

✓ Progress with PDA Workshop ($95 value)

✓ Unique logins for two grandparents for the Grandparents and PDA Masterclass ($50 value)

✓ Unique logins for two therapists for the Therapists and PDA Masterclass ($50 value)  


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Who is Private 1:1 Coaching for? 

Parents who are ready to radically shift their way of being with their child. At least one parent in the package must be ready to do the difficult work of changing as a parent in order to become the catalyst for transformation for their PDA child. 

Parents who are ready to take action immediately. Seeing immediate shifts in the home requires immediate action and radical shifts in your behavior.  

Parents who want to take a scientific approach to parenting. This is not a "parenting philosophy." The tools are science- and evidence- based, and will be guided by the data your child gives us. 

Coaching is NOT for parents who: 

Are looking for a therapist or crisis intervention.   

Are looking for a another set of rules, dogma, or a "only one way of doing things" parenting approach.

Are not willing to change their own behavior, thought patterns, or take responsibility for their agency within the constraints they face. 

Are looking to fix their child and gain compliance using reward-sanction approaches or traditional parenting techniques 


 If you are anything like my clients...

You are sick of feeling demoralized and want to find meaning and purpose in the parenting journey you are on.  

You may secretly loathe coming home at night to your child after work or even resent having a child in the first place. 

You want to feel connected to your child, but you meet resistance to feeling that connection.  

Ultimately, more than anything, you want to lay your head on your pillow knowing in your bones you did everything you could to ensure your child can thrive for the rest of their life.

It's all OK.

You are not alone and we can get there together. 


There is another way to parent a Pathologically Demand Avoidant (PDA) Child.


What if I told you that parenting a PDA child doesn't have to feel terrible?

Not only is it possible, but as we stabilize your home, you will see that your child is a gateway to a deeper connection to self. 

I willl teach you how to approach your child with a scientific mindset, so that you stop doubting yourself and can find what works for your family for years to come. 

I will provide tools to help you stop banging your head against the wall and going in directions that aren't meant for you or your family. 

We will also work on transforming your parenting identity, so that you feel more confidence, empowerment and ultimately, peace in your life.

At the heart of the work we do together is always love and connection. 

  • To find it again (or maybe for the first time) between parent and child. 
  • To find it again with yourself as a parent who is already good. 
  • And to be held by it as you explore this next evolution of your parenting identity with me, without judgment or limitations for what is possible for you, your child, or your family.  
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Join the 100s of other parents of PDA children who have found peace

Take a look at what people have said...

"We felt broken-hearted and stuck in a cycle of self-blame, and overwhelm about our PDA son's behavior when we reached out to Casey for parent coaching after listening to her podcast. With Casey's support we were able to re-connect to our inner strength and the light inside of our son. We now have the support, courage, and understanding necessary to craft a life that works for our unique family. The empathy and wisdom Casey was able to impart was priceless."

Daniela and Saxon


"Working with Casey was life changing for me and my family! She was able to help me understand PDA on a deeper level and empower me to be the advocate my son needs. Her encouragement and knowledge gave me the confidence to implement changes and feel good about those decisions. She is a must-have resource for all PDA parents!” 

Meghan R.


"We are incredibly grateful we found At Peace Parents. Before we found Casey, we struggled for a long time trying to find someone who could help us and understand what our family was going through. From the moment we first contacted Casey it felt like we had the support that we needed. She has helped us to better understand our son and taught us new strategies to communicate with him. For the first time in a long time, it feels like we are seeing our son and not just his behavior. We can't recommend At Peace Parents highly enough and are looking forward to continuing to work with Casey." 

Amelia and Michael


"Casey was a lifeline for me after I discovered PDA and realized it fit my 17-year old daughter perfectly. She was instrumental in helping me navigate how to find a qualified doctor to diagnose my daughter with autism and PDA, and helping me to prepare for that process. She has a gentle way of helping others find their way in what can be a difficult journey with a challenging child. I only wish I had met her and known about PDA when my daughter was young. She has helped me understand my daughter more and validated how hard it was to raise her, and how hard it continues to be. I will be forever grateful that I came across her podcast and then had sessions with her"

Jennifer W.

Casey provides a safe, neurodivergent-affirming atmosphere that both challenges and encourages parents of PDA’ers. At first I thought I wanted a task list; instead, Casey modeled an entire mindset shift which has both improved our family dynamics and my own sense of self as a mother and caregiver. Affirming, warm, and incredibly smart, Casey has a knack for assessing family dynamics and breaking down solutions into manageable chunks. As a (newly discovered!) neurodivergent parent myself, I found Casey’s articulation of what works (and why) to be invaluable as I advocate for my son and translate his experience for others. Our lives are forever changed, not only due to Casey’s extensive knowledge, but also her wisdom and bravery.”

Erin C.

Frequently Asked Questions

>> Hey there, I'm Casey!

I bring principles of non-violence, non-reactivity, and non-judgment to my work with parents of PDA children. At the same time, I ground my coaching in a solid foundation of research and the scientific process.

I am also a mother raising an 8-year-old PDA son, a 4-year-old son, and a black lab service dog named Diesel!

  • Certified to work with PDA children, teens, and adults through the UK-based, OCN-accredited organization.
  • Co-founder of "PDA Parents" Community and Podcast
  • Achievement of Consistent Excellence Award leading Research Integrity team at the Pew Charitable Trusts (Washington D.C.)
  • Ph.D. in Political Science (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
  • Original doctoral research on violence, peace, trauma, and reconciliation.
  • Master's of Political And Economic Development (Columbia University)
  • Guggenheim Peace Fellow
  • United States Institute of Peace Fellow
  • National Science Foundation Scholar
  • Social Science Research Council Scholar
  • Fulbright Scholar - Teaching and Transitional Justice
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