$95.00 USD

The pre-recorded "Boundaries" workshop is a nice complement to the "Progress with PDA" program because it teaches you how to make decisions around limits and boundaries (rather than rules!) within the context of an accommodation approach. Each family will find their unique sweet spot. I hope you enjoy!

Progress with PDA

This pre-recorded workshop is designed to help you get clarity on how to track progress with your PDA child using indicators you *actually* care about:

  • Connection with your child
  • Access to basic needs (sleeping, eating, toileting, brushing teeth, leaving the house, etc.)
  • Behavior (How often your child goes into fight/flight/freeze)

The purchase provides two workbooks that will help you design a personalized plan to track your child's progress along these indicators over the immediate, short, medium and long-term so you can see if the accommodations are working for your child. 

This is what is included in the pre-recorded workshop: 

Module 1: How to Track Progress

Included: ~2.5-hour video recording + 30-page workbook to measure baseline and track indicators of progress for your child or teen. 

Module 2: Accommodation Intensive

Included: ~2.5-hour video recording + 16-page workbook

Module 3: Reframing Progress

Included: ~20-minute video + 2.5-hour audio of previously recorded Q+A and workshop with parents. 

Bonus: 20-minute training on De-escalation

The first two modules are designed to provide clarity and work on your personalized "progress plan," as well as an overview of the nine most powerful accommodations you can experiment with IMMEDIATELY in your home.

This workshop will help you immediately start shifting things in your home - if you do the work, experiment with and practice the accommodations. It will allow you to track progress and improvement with your child, to see with your own two eyes whether this approach is the best fit for your child. 

What People Are Saying:

My daughter was recently diagnosed with PDA and I found Casey’s workshop and all of her other resources (Instagram, podcasts, etc etc) to be something I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT.

Alwyn W.

Casey's accommodation workshop was precisely what I needed after sitting in burnout with my child for over a year. Her precise framing of progress is affirming, accurate and and truly helped me see just how far we'd come over the past year, despite the outside voices of others telling me all the ways we're falling short. Without the awareness and language I learned from this workshop, I might be missing the positive, incredible progress my child is making as he emerges from burnout.

Sarah J.

Casey's Accommodation Course has brought clarity to how we accommodate our PDA daughter. She was close to burn out and we knew that she needed accommodating but we really didn't know if what we were doing was the right thing to be doing! It was fantastic to have coaching and to also hear other people's testimonies to know that we were not alone on this journey and that it was possible to A prevent burn out and B to re-structure our family life for a more peaceful existence. Highly recommend!

Catherine F.

Casey is truly a God-send for me and my husband (and my mom too who took the grandparent class) in helping us understand and better support our daughter. Literally everything out of her mouth is gold. If you are on the fence, I would not hesitate to take any of her courses

Katie O.

My son was in and out of burnout for over a year. When I learned about PDA it was a huge relief... only I quickly learned there's no roadmap to follow, and most traditional strategies don't help. This workshop gave us a practical, data driven framework to create accommodations that I've been wishing for. We have a way to understand what's working, what's not, and support our child. Even better, it's a framework I can use moving forward - so it will fit our family today, next month, and next year. No matter what happens. This is the best investment I've made for our family in years.

Kyla R.