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To School or Not to School?

Making decisions about school and education is one of the most challenging things you will face as the parent of a demand avoidant or PDA child.

Let me help you in that process!

90-minute Masterclass to help you make important decisions. Recording from a "Live" in September 2022. 

Every PDA child is different - some have a more internalized versus extroverted expression, some need constant dopamine to stay regulated ("I'm bored!"), and others "socially-oriented" special interests.

In this Masterclass we will discuss how the uniqueness of your PDAer - and where they are in the burnout-recovery-new equilibrium can inform whether or not school outside of the home is the right fit for them, in the current moment. 

The course will provide: 

  • Help making informed and empowered decisions around school, learning, and education for the PDA child.
  • Understanding how cost-benefit thinking plays a role in your decision-making around school. 
  • Tips and strategies for advocating for accommodations for your child's unique nervous system.
  • Finding a PDA-affirming school, should you choose to leave the public school system.
  • Whether and when to engage unschooling or "Self-Directed Education." 
  • How to structure a plan for unschooling,

Lastly, I want to leave you feeling more empowered and hopeful in your decision-making and your long-term support for your PDA child's learning and education.