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Therapists and PDA Masterclass

Are you feeling stuck as a therapists who is working with a PDA child or teen?

Do you sort of understand PDA, but not sure how to apply this knowledge in *REAL LIFE* clinical settings!?

Do you need a new autonomy and nervous system lens that can breath new life into your sessions and connection with clients?

This is the Masterclass for you!

In this course - recorded on February 22nd 2023 - Casey Ehrlich, Ph.D. (Parent Coach and Educator) and Faith Taylor (Occupational and Play Therapist) teach you the following:

  • The neurobiology of PDA and how it applies to a therapy session and working with clients.
  • The most impactful shifts you can make both in mindset and practical support to transform your sessions and connection with a PDA child or teen!
  • Real-life examples of how to actually *apply* this to your particular niche or clinical context in order to transform your effectiveness as a therapist working with a PDA or highly demand avoidant  child.

This purchase includes the following: 

  • PDF download on Neuroception and PDA
  • PDF download on The Five Charatcteristic Framework of PDA
  • PDF download on Rethinking Behavioral Assumptions in the Clinical Space
  • PDF download on Mindset work as a therapist
  • PDF download on Strength of PDA children and teens
  • Workbook with the Nine Most effective Accommodations.
  • Mini Workook from a therapist's perspective to make shifts in your sessions or clinic NOW. 

This is the perfect Masterclass for any therapist - family therapist, play therapist social worker, occupational therapist, speech therapists, or even teacher who wants to learn a new way of relating to - and supporting - these unique children. 

Please note that each purchase provides one unique login to the learning portal. The special offer of two logins for the price of $25 for the "Live" version of this class is no longer available.