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Communication and Connection Masterclass

The research insights, tools, and mindset shifts you need to transform your relationship with your child.

Learning to connect with your PDA child can feel unnatural at first, especially if you are neurotypical. This is also true for those of you who are exploring your neurodivergent identity, but have been conditioned to interact and mold your expectations of your child based on neurotypical norms.

Either way, it’s OK, and normal that you feel disconnected.

You likely have not yet learned how to communicate safety in a way that avoids setting off their threat response.

Because I know how confusing and counterintuitive this can all be, I designed a self-coaching module for you titled “How to Connect and Communicate with your PDA child.”


This self-coaching module will cover:

✨Autonomic nervous system coregulation

✨Signaling safety without words and bringing the right mindset to your bid for communication

✨Declarative language adapted for the PDAer or Demand Avoidant Brain

✨Cadence and rhythm to accommodate processing differences

What People Are Saying:

When I stumbled across one of Casey's (social media) posts, I felt like she was talking directly to me. It was like finally someone understood our son's language and was able to help us both understand and speak it! As we apply what we've learned through her courses we are seeing the benefits: our son is stabilizing, we understand more and we can accommodate his disability with more confidence.

Sherri N.