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Burnout Masterclass

Gain the clarity, insight and first steps you need to move your child through and out of burnout.

Before I fully understood the burnout-recovery-equilibrium process in PDA, I didn’t know what was happening when my son stopped walking, speaking, making eye contact, and eating. I didn't fully understand that the decisions I would make at that time - and the way I would prioritize my time, financial, and energetic resources - would need to reflect the burnout phase.

I had no idea what burnout even was, or that it would (could?) ever end. As heavy as it is, I hope this masterclass helps you see that  burnout is *hopefully* a season in your child's life, and one you can gently carry them out of with intensive accommodations and deliberate decision-making and action. That it won't last forever. That you aren't alone.

When I fully began to grasp my son's nuerobiology and nervous system, I remember thinking, OK, wow, this is intense. What do I do with this information and how do I apply it in the home, in a real life setting, and with the nuances of siblings, my nervous system, my marriage, my country context, my financial constraints, and my own temperament?

I realized that until I started to think in terms of cost-benefits and tradeoffs, it would continue to be incredibly difficult to make decisions and to determine how to act in any given situation.

For example, did I prevent my PDA son from destroying my younger son's creations if it would result in a huge panic attack? How did I situate the cost-benefit of nervous system activation of my PDA son within the cost-benefit equation for the well-being of the entire family? How did I balance my own nervous system needs while tending to my son? What indicators should I track to understand if things were improving in the right direction? 

There is no one way, but there are frameworks, logic, and an approach that can help your family figure out the path to more stability and peace, which is the focus of this 70-minute masterclass on PDA and burnout.

What People Are Saying:

After working with other PDA experts, Casey was the coach who really helped us create profound changes and we are now on the path of leaving burnout behind us.

Afshan T.