Private 1:1 Coaching 


As a neurodivergent parent, do you feel you *know* what your PDA child needs, but need tailored support to making the paradigm shift in your home?  


$275 for a 75-minute session

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I will meet you exactly where you are in your parenting journey.


I am thrilled to provide private 1:1 coaching sessions for neurodivergent and PDA-identifying parents looking to scaffold themselves and find their autonomy while parenting PDA children.

As a late-identified PDA autistic parent to four young PDA children, I use both my lived experiences and At Peace Parents' methodology to support you.

Together, we will:

  • Identify necessary and attainable supports for YOU.
  • Trouble-shoot where you are getting stuck.
  • Help you find agency within challenging constraints.

You deserve specialized support. 

The At Peace Parents' coaching methodology combines:

  • A scientific approach to understanding your unique child's brain.
  • An experimental method that has worked for 100s of parents to figure out exactly what works for their child and family.
  • A spirit of mindfulness, radical acceptance and non-judgment, to move you towards peace in your identity as a parent.

About Kendahl Damashek

Kendahl brings her unique experience as a PDA Autistic mother raising four PDA humans under the age of 10 to her work as a coach. She has an educational background in psychology and neuroscience and a B.A. from Amherst CollegeKendahl was the lead research assistant on a project studying Therapeutic Alliance at UMass Amherst and worked with middle school children in San Francisco before focusing her energy and creativity on parenting and caregiving. 

She brings her warmth, passion, and logical brain to her area of expertise: supporting neurodivergent and PDA-identifying parents and families with a larger or more complex family dynamic. 

 What is included in a month of private 1:1 coaching?

✓ Personalized intake process to understand you, your child and your family

✓Four 1:1 calls per month with one or both parents

✓ Unlimited text and voice message support (Monday-Friday)

✓ Six pre-recorded masterclasses ($150 value)

✓ Communication and Connection Course ($95 value)

✓ Progress with PDA Workshop ($95 value)

✓ Unique logins for two grandparents for the Grandparents and PDA Masterclass ($50 value)

✓ Unique logins for two therapists for the Therapists and PDA Masterclass ($50 value) 


Who is Private 1:1 Coaching with Kendahl for? 

Parents who want to radically shift their way of being with their child, but haven't found the right tailored support for their neurotype or nervous system.  At least one parent in the package must be ready to do the difficult work of changing as a parent in order to become the catalyst for transformation for their PDA child. 

Parents who are ready to take immediate action, but need help navigating the complexities of having multiple children in the home. Finding peace within a larger family will require radical shifts in your behavior and a commitment to experimenting with creative approaches.

Parents who want to take a scientific approach to parenting. This is not a "parenting philosophy." The tools are science- and evidence- based, and will be guided by the data your child gives us. 

Coaching is NOT for parents who: 

Are looking for a therapist or crisis intervention.   

Are looking for a another set of rules, dogma, or a "only one way of doing things" parenting approach.

Are not willing to change their own behavior, thought patterns, or take responsibility for their agency within the constraints they face. 

Are looking to fix their child and gain compliance using reward-sanction approaches or traditional parenting techniques.


 If you are anything like my clients...

You can't imagine summoning the energy or resources to support your child any more than you already do, but the desire is there.

You want to be able to follow through on new ideas, but your brain resists any changes.

You are sick of feeling misunderstood by professionals and want the opportunity to find meaning and purpose in the parenting journey you are on.  

You may secretly loathe time with your child or even resent having a child in the first place. 

It's all OK.

You are not alone and we can get there together. 

There is another way to parent  Pathologically Demand Avoidant (PDA) Children.


What if I told you that parenting a PDA child or teen doesn't have to feel terrible?

Not only is it possible, but as we stabilize your home, you will see that your child is a gateway to a deeper connection to self. 

I will teach you how to approach your child or teen with a scientific mindset, so that you stop doubting yourself and can find what works for your family for years to come. 

I will provide tools to help you stop banging your head against the wall and going in directions that aren't meant for you or your family. 

We will also work on transforming your parenting identity, so that you feel more confidence, empowerment and ultimately, peace in your life.

At the heart of the work we do together is always love and connection. 

  • To find it again (or maybe for the first time) between parent and child. 
  • To find it again with yourself as a parent who is already good. 
  • And to be held by it as you explore this next evolution of your parenting identity with me, without judgment or limitations for what is possible for you, your child or teen and your family.  

Join the 100s of other parents of PDA children and teens who have found peace

Take a look at what people have said...

"Kendahl really understands the nuances of bigger families. She was so helpful when suggesting ideas of how to deal with sibling energy and dysregulation, I implemented her advice straight away and it worked perfectly."

Lisa Y. 

"Kendahl is the lifeline you always knew you needed. She *gets it* on so many levels. She has such incredible strategies and ideas to share that are individualized to each family, that will help you feel empowered and so not alone." 

Lilly P. 

"Kendahl listens with warmth and curiosity. She dispenses knowledge with confidence and humility. She has the wisdom and groundedness of an experienced mother who has been tested and persevered. She understands that the task is impossible. Somehow she's still convinced that you can do it!"

Rebecca R.