Paradigm Shift Program 

You can lead your family to stability and peace. 


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The Paradigm Shift Program

This is the world’s first comprehensive program to support Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) that is designed entirely around YOU:

The parent of a PDA child. 

This program will teach you to think differently about not only your PDA child’s brain, behavior, and trouble accessing basic needs (toileting, sleeping, eating, hygiene, movement, leaving the house, etc.), but also about yourself, the choices you make, and the purpose of your life on this unique journey.

It will bring you back to who you already are:

A capable and empowered parent who DOES know what is best for their child and family. With the clarity needed to make aligned decisions, advocate for their family, and create a stable home life. 

The program is unique because it provides a safe and supportive community of parents and an opportunity to receive direct support from me in Slack

 ✓ Six Live Modules of the Signature Paradigm Shift Course

✓ Five Live Q+A's 

✓ Live 2-hour Workshop to bring everything together into practice and "real life" 

✓ Private, online community of like-minded parents moderated by Casey

✓ Communication and Connection Course [$95 BONUS]

✓ LIVE Progress with PDA Workshop [$197 BONUS]

✓ All Masterclasses through September [$150 BONUS]

LIFETIME access to Alumni Portal so you can connect across cohorts. Everything is recorded for replay and you can access to all materials and continue connecting in an online community!

 $399 per month for three months!

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Who is the Paradigm Shift Program for? 

PARENTS WHO... Are ready to take responsibility for making shifts in their own thinking, behavior, relationships, and choices in order to radically re-position their child’s life trajectory towards mental health, positive self-concept, and more independence as an adult.

Want to work within the family system, on long-term goals. (This program DOES provide mindset shifts and approaches to help you move the needle in your home IMMEDIATELY).

Want to work through a nervous system and accommodation framework, and are willing to work towards radical acceptance of what is true RIGHT NOW in your life and for your child. 

This program is NOT for parents who: 

Are looking for a therapist, support group, or crisis intervention.   

Are looking for a another set of rules, dogma, or a "only one way of doing things" parenting program.

Are not willing to change their own behavior, thought patterns, or take responsibility for their own agency and decision-making within the constraints they face. 

Are looking to fix their child and gain compliance using reward-sanction approaches or traditional parenting techniques (this program is literally the opposite of that!)

Don't want to be triggered (The unvarnished truth may trigger you, but it will also help you get you unstuck!)

 If you are anything like my clients...


Your child has received partial or incorrect diagnoses that have never seemed to fully fit or make sense – whether it is Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) , ADHD, Autism, Childhood OCD, Attachment Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, etc.

But more importantly – and regardless of diagnosis – you haven’t yet been given a way to think about your child’s brain and nervous system that will actually help your family and your child.

Alternatively, like many of my clients, perhaps you have already been working on a “low demand lifestyle” with your PDA child, but it seems completely unsustainable and ultimately doesn’t seem to be supporting them.

Are you not supposed to set *any* boundaries? No screen time limits ever?  Even if you understand how your PDA child’s brain works, you may be wondering – How can I set up a life that I actually want to live and that is sustainable not just for them, but also for me, my partner and my other children?  

You are not alone and you are not crazy. 

I believe that your child is a good kid and that you are *ALREADY* a great parent.  

What if I told you that finding peace as a parent of a PDA child is possible? 


Not only is it possible, but this program will teach you to understand your child, your life and your decision-making in a way that will allow you to lead your family out of the dark woods to a new equilibrium. The Paradigm Shift Program is meant to be life-altering by putting you back in your leadership role, where you belong. 

With the new way of thinking about parenting a PDA child, you will no longer be throwing your hands up in the air with exasperation wondering, “How can we possibly live like this as a family?” You will receive an original cost-benefit framework for making decisions, practical accommodations that will move the needle in your home IMMEDIATELY, a method for understanding whether your child is making progress out of burnout, and all the mindset shifts, reframes, and tools that will make your life with a PDA child not only more stable and easeful, but more joyful and connected.

This program will radically shift your child’s life trajectory, regardless of diagnostic label. As a parent, you can offer autonomy, nervous system support, and deep connection, even if you, your partner or the people in your life don’t fully understand, “believe in,” or have a diagnosis of PDA.  It doesn’t matter. This is about the changes YOU can make to connect with your child and lead your family. 

Alternatively, even if you think you know everything about PDA, have already spent time implementing the “low-demand lifestyle,” or feel completely stuck after years of trying, this program will help you see your blindspots to get you unstuck. 

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Join the 100s of other parents of PDA children and teens who have found clarity and peace. 

Take a look at what people have said...

"This course has transformed my understanding of PDA and how to best parent my PDA kids. To not only survive but to flourish. Casey is a wealth of knowledge and gives out gold with everything she shares. I’m forever grateful." 

Katie L. 

"This course is, without exaggeration, the best thing we could have done for our family. We love how real Casey keeps it while also feeling hopeful. It feels like an actual life line that has been thrown to our drowning family.”

Tara L. 

Within the first two weeks of The Paradigm Shift I could feel a change in our home. I was less anxious about my daughter’s behaviour because for the first time ever I actually understood her. I feel like we are now swimming with the current rather than against the tide all the time. Knowledge is power. Thank you, Casey.

Lauren K


"We would recommend Casey’s paradigm shift for anyone that has a PDA person in their life. Her course will help you understand that approaching a relationship and interacting with your child or others with PDA requires a fundamental mindset shift to traditional forms of parenting and interaction, that both you and your child will benefit from. It has helped us bring our little guy to a new equilibrium and understand the big picture of what really matters which is his mental and physical health. 

Devon D. 

"We were so overwhelmed with all things PDA and understanding what was happening with our son and our family. When I stumbled across one of Casey's posts, I felt like she was talking directly to me. It was like, finally, someone understood our son's language and was able to help us both understand and speak it! As we apply what we have learned through her courses, we are seeing the benefits: our son is stabilizing, we understand more and we can accommodate his disability with more confidence. 

Sherri N. 

This course helped me to understand and to communicate in a more beneficial way with my 20 year old daughter (PDAer). The methods taught have helped to improve our relationship, and I firmly believe that we’re on the right track for improving her future. After going to multiple counselors and doctors over the years who weren’t able to help at all, I finally have hope.

Jennifer S.  

We begin Wednesday, September 6th with our first live session!




I will guide you through the material, which is structured to reflect your journey ogether with the structure following the parent journey of growth and connection with your PDA child. Every other week we will have a live lesson and then the following week we workshop your questions using the frameworks and methods provided in the course so that you learn to *think* differently (and ultimately won't need me to guide you after the program ends).
All live sessions and events are recorded and available for replay.


- We will be live together every Wednesday at 1:00pm EST for 12 weeks! - 

Sept. 6th - Nov. 22th, 2023 

- More Details -

This program is available internationally, and parents have participated from the following countries: Wales, Ireland, Britain, South Africa, Germany, United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and France.

***Invoices are available for NDIS and Canadian government funding!*** (And any other government that supports education for neurodivergent and autistic children)

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- What's Included -

 Let's take a look at the "Paradigm Shift with PDA" Method...

Module 1: Understanding the Root Cause of Behavior and PDA Neurobiology

What does it include:

 Casey's 5-Characteristic Framework of recognizing PDA in Children based in preliminary research and coaching experience. 

 Your child's Extreme Demand Avoidance Questionnaire (EDAQ) score and Limitations of EDAQ. 

 The Three Most Fundamental Mindset Shifts on your Journey

 **Shareable PDFs included in all modules for ease of communication with others in your life.

Module 2: Cost-Benefit Thinking, Boundaries, and Decision-Making

What does it include:

  Understanding and Recognizing Burnout

  Thinking as a family system with a PDA child

  *Energetic* Cost-Benefit Decision-Making in the home 

  Setting family goals and intentions

  Tracking progress out of burnout and using observation skills to understand regulation levels (here we use the scientific process!)

Module 3: Accommodations for Connection 

What does it include:

  De-escalation techniques for meltdowns and dysregulation. ("Responsive Accommodation")

  How to communicate with PDA child or teen ("Pro-Active Accommodation")

  How to signal safety to your child or teen's body ("Pro-Active Accommodation")

  How to play with a PDA child for safety, engagement, and learning ("Pro-Active Accommodation")

  How to use humor in day-to-day communication and tense moments ("Pro-Active Accommodation")

Module 4: Building a Healthy Self-Concept for Your PDA Child or Teen..

What does it include:

  Why talking about emotions and zones of regulation doesn't work with a PDA kid. 

  How to name the threat response with example scripts. 

  How to talk about identity with your PDA child.

  Lots of concrete examples to ground you in implementation

Module 5: Why is this so hard to Implement? and Creating Safe Spaces Outside Your Home.

This includes lessons on:

  Understanding People-Pleasing, Boundaries, and how *your* nervous system and upbringing might be impacting your ability to advocate for your child.

  Understanding how to create "Bubbles of Safety" for your PDA child and family outside the home. 

  Advocacy and communication outside of the home using Non-Violence Communication strategies 

  Therapy, Activities, and how to help your child access life outside of the home!

Module 6: Bringing it All Together!

This will be a final 2-hour workshop where we will bring together everything you have learned over the past 12 weeks. We will workshop real-life scenarios and questions using all the strategies, tools, mindset shifts, and decision-making frameworks you learned together.

And that's not all...


Pre-recorded courses, Masterclasses, and "live" workshops included!

Connection and Communication Course ($95 value)

The research insights, tools, and mindset shifts you need to transform your relationship with your child.

Autonomic nervous system coregulation

✓ Signaling safety without words 

Cadence and rhythm to accommodate processing differences

✓ Declarative Langauge adapated for autonomy needs

✓ Practice scripts for connection!

All Masterclasses! ($150 Value)

Current and forthcoming live masterclasses are included in this program!

To School or Not to School? Masterclass 

✓ Clarity Masterclass

Burnout Masterclass

Grandparents and PDA Masterclass

Boundaries with PDA Masterclass 

✓ 2-hour pre-recorded training for Therapists to work with your child.

2-Week LIVE "Progress with PDA" Workshop  ($197 value)

Working through a "scientific mindset" to understand accommodations and tracking progress with your PDA child or teen.

✓ Defining indicators of progress along basic needs, behavior, and connection

✓ Making decisions about- and trying- accommodations through an experimental mindset

✓ Six hours of "live" workshopping with Casey

✓ 38-Page PDF workbook for tracking progress, with examples for different ages, nervous system expressions, and indicators.

✓ 20-page PDF workbook outlining the nine most important accommodations and printable for how to plan implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

>> Hey there, I'm Casey!

I bring principles of non-violence, non-reactivity, and non-judgment to my work with parents of PDA children. At the same time, I ground my teaching in a solid foundation of research and the scientific process.

I am also a mother raising an 8-year-old PDA son, a 4-year-old son, and a black lab service dog named Diesel!

  • Certified to work with PDA children, teens, and adults through the UK-based, OCN-accredited organization.
  • Co-founder of "PDA Parents" Community and Podcast
  • Achievement of Consistent Excellence Award leading Research Integrity team at the Pew Charitable Trusts (Washington D.C.)
  • Ph.D. in Political Science (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
  • Original doctoral research on violence, peace, trauma, and reconciliation.
  • Master's of Political And Economic Development (Columbia University)
  • Guggenheim Peace Fellow
  • United States Institute of Peace Fellow
  • National Science Foundation Scholar
  • Social Science Research Council Scholar
  • Fulbright Scholar - Teaching and Transitional Justice
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