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Casey Ehrlich, Ph.D.

Casey Ehrlich, Ph.D. (she/her) is a social scientist, parent coach and educator, and the CEO and founder of At Peace Parents, LLC.  Casey brings 15 years of work experience and expertise in social science methodology to help parents and therapists understand how to connect with and accommodate PDA Autistic children. Casey currently has a waitlist and is available by application only. 

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Donna Georgen

Donna is certified through the At Peace Parents Paradigm Shift Program as well as PDA levels 1-3 through the PDA Society and Open College Network in the UK. She has worked with countless families across a variety of socioeconomic and parenting backgrounds and addressed hundreds of PDA related topics including education, gender identity, teen autonomy and more. The mother of two daughters, 25 & 19, both PDA, she also has twenty-five years firsthand experience living and navigating daily life with PDA children and teenagers.

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What would it feel like to stop hating your life as a parent?


To lay your head on the pillow each night, *knowing* you are on the right path for your child? 

How would it feel to soften the tightness in your chest when you think about getting out of bed the next day to parent?

Not only is it possible, it is meant for YOU. 

Together, we will get to the root of what is preventing your PDA child from thriving and the thought patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Our coaching methodology combines:

  • A scientific approach to understanding your unique child's brain.
  • An experimental method that has worked for 100s of parents to figure out exactly what works for their child and family.
  • A spirit of mindfulness, radical acceptance and non-judgment, to move you towards peace in your identity as a parent.

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