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"Casey was prepared with access to research, practical real life feedback, tools and content... Well worth the investment to help your PDAer and you navigate this space with respect, sanity and love." 

Elizabeth L.


"Casey saved our lives. I know that sounds dramatic but it's true... She gave us the framework to help my youngest get out of burnout and I am watching my sweet boy slowly come back." 

Danielle C.


"Casey's paradigm shift course has helped me understand my children on a deeper level. I'm moving from a place of being a victim to a place of empowerment. Peace is all I've wanted for our family for the last few years and I finally see it happening through understanding and reframing."

Kim A.

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"We felt broken-hearted and stuck in a cycle of self-blame and overwhelm about our PDAer's behavior when we reached out to Casey for parent coaching. With Casey's support we were able to reconnect to our inner strength and the light inside our son. We now have the support, courage, and understanding necessary to craft a life for our unique family. The empathy and wisdom Casey was able to impart was priceless." 

Daniela M.

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